• $124.50/hour per party for two-party mediations or arbitrations.
  • $175/hour per party for multi-party mediations (3 or more parties).
  • Time for review of submitted materials and for pre- or post-mediation telephone calls will be charged in tenths of an hour at the applicable base hourly rate.
  • 2 hour minimum for all mediations.
  • 4 hour minimum for all arbitrations.


  • Unless arrangements are made in advance, all mediations will be via Zoom videoconferencing.
  • Any in-person mediation will be charged a travel fee (portal to portal) at 50% of the applicable base hourly rate.
  • Travel-related expenses (e.g., airfare, hotel for an overnight stay, rental car, or taxi/rideshare service), if any, will be invoiced at the actual charge.

Cancellation Policy

In light of the difficulty of scheduling on short notice, mediation canceleded less than (2) business days prior to the scheduled date will be charged the (2) hour minimum at the applicate hourly rate.

If we are able to schedule an alternative mediation for the time slot, the cancellation fee will be waived.